Chronic groin pain can sometimes be from a “hidden” inguinal or femoral hernia

Figuring out how to diagnose the cause of long term (chronic) groin and pelvic pain can be challenging. Sometimes chronic groin pain in women and men are from a really small, “hidden” inguinal hernias.   Understanding how to find a proper exam and a proper work up can expedite finding the proper diagnosis. Journalist Hillary Gulley recently described […]

Copy of Copy of r tapp closure for critique

so shines a good deed jacob sages keynote lecture social media

“So shines a good deed…” Dr Brian Jacob delivers the SAGES keynote lecture 2017 on social media, mentorship, and disrupting the status quo. The traditional methods surgeons use to share, educate, mentor, and disseminate knowledge is ripe for innovative disruption, and the revolution has begun. Thank you SAGES and for this opportunity.

left laparoscopic inguinal tep with critical view of mpo

laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair tep critical view

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