inguinal hernia mesh plug removal with anticipated bleed and repair of iliac artery

This video is intended for surgeons and is for educational uses only. Mesh removal surgery (open or MIS) can be associated with significant risks. This is a case of constant groin pain occurring after an inguinal hernia mesh plug and patch inguinal hernia repair. Removal of plugs requires careful dissection and some significant bleeding can […]

laparoscopic anterior plication for diastasis recti by Dr. Brian Jacob

For some very select patients with diastasis recti, a laparoscopic non-mesh option is available for diastasis repair. This option does not include any skin excision, which is different from a traditional abdominoplasty. This option is not covered by insurance. Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate and always discuss the risks and benefits before […]

spacemaker balloon (two sided) only opening up one side, and why

no edits for angela tep balloon demonstration of a two sided balloon only opening up one side. this happens often, even without external pressure.

kidney shaped balloon opening just one side

Hidden inguinal hernia

Hidden inguinal hernia, aka occult hernias, are a cause of pelvic pain. Sometimes NOT palpable and not seen on sonogram, ctscan or mri