ACNES (Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome)

What is Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome?

Also known as a trapped, inflamed, or pinched nerve, anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome, or ACNES, can occur in the upper or lower abdomen, as well as in the groin and cause groin pain. Dr. Jacob is an expert at treating ACNES in NYC and the surrounding areas.

A tear in the external oblique fascia or nearby scar tissue can trap or pinch a nearby or penetrating unnamed nerve branch.

netter acnes
Shows the various locations that an anterior cutaneous nerve can be entrapped (or inflamed)

The pain is usually constant, and worse when the spot of the pain location is pressed on or with certain movements. The pain can radiate or be in one spot.

Imaging is usually normal.

Management of ACNES Symptoms

Injections with numbing medicine will help temporarily, but can really help with making the diagnosis.

Treatment can be with nerve ablation by a pain management specialist, or with surgery by a general or neurosurgeon.

Patient Testimonials

"Caring and compassionate, sees his patients through to full recovery. Amazing and supportive through fear, questions and concerns.. Highly recommend."

- Regina O.

"Dr. Jacobs removed a large painful hernia mesh in my abdomen. He was caring, professional, honest and concerned about my recovery. He’s a top notch surgeon and a kind person. Recommend him highly."

- Jeannie D

acnes photo
Shows an inflamed and trapped anterior abdominal wall cutaneous nerve and a small tear in the anterior rectus sheeth

ACNES Surgery

Goal is to find the nerve … and resect it (remove it).

Can be done under minimal anesthesia.

Outpatient procedure with near immediate relief.

Risks include infection, numbness, and recurrent or ongoing symptoms.

Watch Dr. Jacob discuss ACNES and its role in the large differential diagnosis list of causes of groin pain:

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