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Dr. Brian Jacob is an internationally recognized hernia surgeon in New York City.  For 8 consecutive years, he has been selected as one of the best hernia surgeons in NYC by The New York Times Magazine, and is listed by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. in New York Magazine as a Top Doctor (2012 - 2017, 2019, 2020).  Over the past decade, Dr. Jacob has performed thousands of hernia procedures, and he has devoted the majority of his career to treating hernias and groin pain, with a goal of offering his patients an optimized outcome and uneventful rapid recovery.

An expert hernia surgeon, Dr. Jacob is among the very best hernia repair surgeons in New York City and specializes in:

Dr. Jacob can discuss hernia treatment options, recovery plans, and the types of complications as well as the (low) risk rate. Please use the button below to contact Dr. Jacob and make an appointment to discuss your hernia

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Dr. Brian Jacob - Hernia and Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Brian Jacob and the NYC Hernia team provides answers to your common Hernia Repair questions and concerns.

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Chronic groin pain can sometimes be from a “hidden” inguinal or femoral hernia

Figuring out how to diagnose the cause of long term (chronic) groin and pelvic pain can be challenging. Sometimes chronic groin pain in women and men are from a really small, “hidden” inguinal hernias.   Understanding how to find a proper exam and a proper work up can expedite finding the proper diagnosis. Journalist Hillary Gulley recently described […]

My surgeon wants to use a robot to do a robotic hernia repair. Is this safe?

First, is your surgeon listening to your history carefully? Hernia repair is a specialty, and where and how your hernia is repaired first may matter most of all. Let’s be clear about something:  before you have any hernia repair, even a robotic hernia repair, you should make sure that you and your surgeon agree on exactly […]

Providing Value to Hernia Repairs

Expert hernia surgeons continuously care about optimizing patient outcomes and learning from patient feedback.  By creating a global collaborative focused on hernia outcome quality improvement, Dr. Brian Jacob has embraced social media in a professional manner to enable surgeons to help their thousands of hernia patients around the globe. The online forum deliberations have become […]

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I wanted…to thank you for getting me to this point….not only are you a gifted surgeon but a very wise man…you taught me to [think positively and focus on moving forward]. I joined a gym and starting claiming my life back…and this past month they chose me to do a photo shoot for their magazine cover which will be published throughout the tri-state area…So I wanted you to see and again thank you for anything!

— Joanne F.

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Inguinal hernia mesh plug removal with anticipated bleed and repair of iliac artery

This video is intended for surgeons and is for educational uses only. Mesh removal surgery (open or MIS) can be associated with significant risks. This is a case of constant groin pain occurring after an inguinal hernia mesh plug and patch inguinal hernia repair. Removal of plugs requires careful dissection and some significant bleeding can […]

Laparoscopic anterior plication for diastasis recti

For some very select patients with diastasis recti, a laparoscopic non-mesh option is available for diastasis repair. This option does not include any skin excision, which is different from a traditional abdominoplasty. This option is not covered by insurance. Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate and always discuss the risks and benefits before […]