What Happens if a Hernia is Left Untreated?

There are many ways someone can develop a hernia. Hernias occur when an organ breaks through the muscle or tissue wall that was holding it in place. Most happen in the abdomen between the chest and hip area, but can also appear in the upper thigh and groin area as well. Most people can tell…

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Ventral Hernias

Hernias are named after the location where they occur. For instance, and umbilical hernia occurs in or near the belly button. A ventral hernia occurs in the abdominal wall, as the word ventral refers to the abdomen. Ventral hernias occur along the vertical center of the abdominal wall. They are also called incisional hernias, as…

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Recovery after Inguinal Hernia Surgery

You’ve had an inguinal hernia, and Dr. Jacob has repaired the problem. What now? In this near spring in New York blog, let’s get into what you can expect for your recovery. Going home When in the recovery room, you’ll be monitored. Within about two hours you’ll be able to stand and walk slowly. After…

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Hernias After Surgery

Recovery after abdominal surgery can have an unwelcome surprise, the creation of an incisional, or ventral, hernia. This type of hernia can develop after abdominal surgery when part of an internal organ or abdominal tissue protrudes through the abdominal wall. Although most incisional hernias don’t lead to serious health problems, complications can occur. Dr. Jacob…

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More Information About Sleeve Gastrectomy

In November’s blog, we got into some of the basics of sleeve gastrectomy, a weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Jacob for patients from across the New York area. At NYC Hernia we get lots of questions about this procedure, so let’s get into it a little bit more in this first blog of the…

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Ending the Pain of a Trapped Nerve

Sometimes a nerve can become trapped in the upper or lower abdomen, or the groin. This can lead pain. The problem is known as anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome (ACNES). Dr. Jacob helps patients through ACNES surgery when necessary. What is anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome? Anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome is one of the…

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