Why Would I Need a Revisional Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery has many benefits and can do wonders for your self-esteem and health. Removing excess weight can help relieve pressure on the joints, helping you get your mobility back without chronic pain. Weight loss procedures can help thousands of people a year get their lives back on track and feel great again. While…

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Do I Need a Revision?

Weight loss surgery can be a life-saving tool. Unfortunately, some circumstances can ruin progress after a weight loss procedure. If weight loss surgery fails, it may be time for a revision. If you’ve had a setback with a weight loss surgery, there’s hope. Here’s how a revision surgery may help get you back on track….

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Do You Have a Hidden Hernia?

Chronic pain in your pelvic area can slow your life down. Not knowing the cause of your pain can add to the stress. Sometimes the issue comes from an inguinal or hidden hernia. Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial to making a complete recovery. Here are signs that you may have an inguinal hernia and…

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What Can I Do About Chronic Groin Pain?

Chronic pain in the groin can negatively impact your way of life. The discomfort makes it difficult to move, work and enjoy social interactions. Not knowing the cause of your pain can add to the frustration. But, chronic groin pain isn’t something you’re doomed to suffer.  Finding the root of your pain is the key to…

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Is a Sleeve Gastrectomy Right For You?

Losing weight is a battle that millions of people find themselves struggling in, as nearly 37% of American adults are considered obese. Risks for further health complications increase the longer your weight is uncontrolled. Sometimes, however, traditional weight loss methods aren’t enough to deal with the issue.  If you have unsuccessfully tried everything from diet…

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A Guide to Femoral Hernias

Hernias aren’t named after their causes or their symptoms. Instead, they’re named after the part of the body where they occur. Femoral hernias appear in the seam where the leg meets the lower abdomen. While rarer than other types of hernias, some cases can cause severe problems. What Are They? A weak point in the…

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