Hernia Surgery in New York City

“Where and how your hernia is repaired first will matter most.”

Finding the best hernia surgeon for your hernia surgery can be challenging.  Having done thousands of hernia procedures, published extensively about hernia, and sat as a Board of Governor on the national hernia society, Dr. Brian Jacob is a proven expert hernia surgeon and is known as one of the best hernia surgeons in New York City.  Whether you have a new hernia, or you have a recurrent hernia, or you have chronic pain from a hernia repair in the past, you deserve an evaluation by a hernia specialist, like Dr. Jacob.  You may even have a hernia that does not need to be operated on.

Website disclaimer: The intent of this nychernia.com website to help educate patients and other surgeons.
Since starting nychernia.com in 2012, several other surgeons in New York have copied and made similarly named websites.  So please be sure to check all of a surgeon’s claims and credentials listed on their websites to assure they are factual.  Many surgeons call themselves experts, but in fact may not truly be.

So that you receive the most up-to-date information, before undergoing surgery for your hernia, assure that you have learned all of the risks and benefits.  Every patient is different and so each patient deserves a tailored approach to repair their hernia.  There are many ways to repair a hernia.  Be sure to review all of the options available, and not just the one option a surgeon may tell you they perform.  NOT all surgeons are trained in all procedures and techniques.  To optimize your outcome, make sure you are treated by a surgeon who is dedicated to hernia repair.