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Signs that You May Have a Hernia

Hernias can be tricky little devils. They can occur across the body, but their most common areas are the inner groin (inguinal hernia), outer groin (femoral hernia), near the navel (umbilical hernia), upper abdomen (hiatal hernia), or at the site of a recent surgical scar (incisional hernia).  Dr. Jacob is a hernia expert. He’d have …

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After Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

OK, so Dr. Jacob recently performed sleeve gastrectomy surgery on you. You’re now fully recovered, and you’ve worked through the special diet used to let your stomach heal as quickly as possible. About one month has passed, and you now feel like yourself again, and you’re ready for what comes next on your weight loss …

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Why Did I Get a Hernia?

While everyone can get a hernia, two different people can lift the same heavy object in exactly the same way and one subsequently feels the telltale bulge on his lower abdomen of a hernia while the other person has no repercussions.  Why is this?  In this humid July blog in the city, let’s get into …

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The Femoral Hernia

Hernias are all about a small or large hole in the fascia through which fatty tissue, intestines, or in rare cases, organs push can their way through. That’s the job of our muscles to keep these structures in place, but sometimes if a person has a weakened spot, a portion of intra-abdominal tissue pushes through …

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Chronic Pain after Hernia Surgery

Patients often come see Dr. Jacob after experiencing chronic pain for weeks after a hernia repair. They are typically at their wit’s end, wondering why they had hernia surgery at all if this level of pain was the result. Dr. Jacob has extensive experience addressing this kind of pain in patients. Sometimes a hernia mesh, …

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Correcting a Failed Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery isn’t always successful. Sometimes the former procedure fails, such as when a lap band loosens. In other cases, the patient failed to lose the expected weight. Revisional weight loss surgery may then be necessary. Dr. Jacob performs these revision procedures. What is revisional weight loss surgery? In revisional bariatric surgery, a second …

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The Hernia You’ve Never Heard of — the Parastomal Hernia

When a person is dealing with gastrointestinal problems that prevent them from having normal bowel movements, developing a parastomal hernia is a good possibility. A stoma is an opening made by a surgeon in the patient’s stomach, small bowel, or colon that allows the person to pass waste into a bag. Unfortunately, there’s an almost …

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It’s Baaaaack. Recurrent Hernias.

Hernias occur when tissue or an organ pushes through a weak spot in an abdominal muscle. Although many people choose to live with their hernias, it’s usually a good idea at some point to get the area surgically repaired. But then it comes back. Huh? Hernias do have an irritating quality of wanting to return …

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Bypassing a Gastric Bypass

Obesity isn’t just about the added pounds; it’s more about the impact it can have on the patient’s overall quality of life and quality of their health. Obesity can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, and a host of other health issues. But once a person has become obese, it’s not as if …

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