Do You Have an Umbilical Hernia?

umbilical hernia If a small or large mass is protruding from one side of your stomach or near your belly button and you’re often in pain, then you may have an umbilical hernia. Read our blog to learn more about umbilical hernias and how they can affect you.

What Is an Umbilical Hernia?

An umbilical hernia is a piece of fat or intestines that protrudes through a hole in the abdominal wall and near the umbilicus (belly button). Hernias range in size and protrusion. A hernia can be as small as one centimeter or larger than three centimeters. It is common for newborns to have an umbilical hernia, but adults get umbilical hernias as well.

How Do I Know If I Have an Umbilical Hernia?

Although you may be unfamiliar with its name, it is more than likely you can tell when you have an umbilical hernia. You should see the bulge near your belly button. If your umbilical hernia is small, however, it can be harder to identify. Initially, you may think your belly button looks “weird” or has turned into an “outie,” and dismiss it. You shouldn’t dismiss it; untreated hernias can lead to complications.


A hernia can obstruct your digestive tract. As substances and excrement try to move through it, the protruding tissue serves as a blockade. Thus, many people who have an umbilical hernia are constipated.

Protruding Stomach

A large hernia will look like a bulge coming out one side of your stomach. Some people have described it as looking like a mass or fist coming out of their stomachs.


You may vomit or experience frequent bouts of nausea because your digestive system is impaired. You are more likely to vomit or feel nauseous if the hernia is trapped in a muscular wall in your stomach.

Do Umbilical Hernias Require Surgery?

Not all umbilical hernias require surgery. Sometimes, the physician can remedy the issue by pushing the protruding tissue back inside. In many cases, neither the person nor physician will find that surgery is necessary. If your hernia is painful, excessive in size, or causing intestinal issues, then a physician is likely to recommend surgery.

NYC Hernia Treatment 

Hernias can be unsightly and painful. They can also disrupt your digestive tract. If you have a hernia and are seeking treatment in or near New York City, call 212-879-6677 to schedule an appointment at NYC Hernia to receive our top-of-the-line care.

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