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One year post hernia and bariatric sleeve surgery I find myself often saying a silent prayer of gratitude to Dr. Jacob for his life altering surgical skills, his professional dedication and personal compassion. Dr. Jacob was with me every step of the way; always responsive and supportive. Best surgeon ever!

Had multiple surgical consultations with different bariatric surgeons to find the best surgeon to proceed with gastric sleeve surgery. When i met Dr. Jacob I instantly knew that he is the surgeon that I would trust to do the surgery and be successful. He is kind, caring and a great human being. He looks you in the eye, answers to all your concerns and questions. He is honest and tells you what you need to hear. If you have made the decision to have weight loss surgery he is the right address.

This past weekend was so satisfying and emotional for me. As many of you know. Last year due to injuries and surgeries. Many of my activities were put on pause. For many years I couldn't work on my core because of a hernia. Dr. Brian Jacob literally breathed lift back into me. Many don't know I lost my mother to a back operation and my father died in the same hospital that Dr. Jacob operated on me. Dr. Jacob could see how nervous I was going into the surgery. He knelt down beside me and held my hand and said "I got you, you're in good hands". A peacefulness came over me. Zenlike moment. He proceeded to repair what ended up being a triple hernia. I'm back working out again, because my core is solid again. I have a ways to go., but this beautiful human being and phenomenal physician has put me on track to a healthy mind, body and spirit!!!!! Painted this abstract piece for him. It has many symbols and meanings, but my gratitude for you goes deeper than I can express. Hopefully the painting will suffice Dr. Brian Jacob

Dr. Jacob was recommended to me for his extensive knowledge and experience with hernia repair. He listened closely to my story and reviewed my imaging reports. His assessment provided me with confidence and I'm grateful for his time. If you're in pain, learn to tell your story chronologically. Do your best to locate and describe your symptoms. And try to get imaging done of your pain areas. Doctors are not magicians but with the right information they can guide you towards a proper diagnosis and get you closer to restoration. Be well!

Dr. Jacob and his partners are truly dedicated to hernia repair

If you are ever considering undergoing a hernia operation, have had a hernia operation in the past, or just have questions about the topic of hernia or groin pain, then is definitely the best website for you.


I approached Dr. Jacob to consult whether repair of my inguinal hernia with absorbable mesh was a viable option. It was not; he opined that a lap surgery with a regular mesh would be the best choice for my big hernia, assuming I can take a gen. anesthesia. Earlier I was considering traveling across the country to have a Desarda repair, but Dr. Jacob’s confidence, competence, and support made me trust his expertise and I am glad I did. The surgery was scheduled about three weeks later; his staff was very helpful. No pain pills were needed (not even one); the next day I easily walked four miles along the beach, and three days before the week was over I found myself running intervals for about 25 min. each (I don’t remember Dr. Jacob making any restriction on running). I am grateful to be a patient of Dr. Jacob.

Hey Dr Jacob,

Thank you so much for taking care of me and my friend. You went above the call of duty. You truly are one of a kind. You changed MY life, and now you changed my friend’s too. Thank You.
Jim B.
New York City
I wanted…to thank you for getting me to this point….not only are you a gifted surgeon but a very wise man…you taught me to [think positively and focus on moving forward]. I joined a gym and starting claiming my life back…and this past month they chose me to do a photo shoot for their magazine cover which will be published throughout the tri-state area…So I wanted you to see and again thank you for anything!
Joanne F.

Good Morning Dr. Jacob,

Well another year is here ,and to me this is a big one, it is 5 years since my surgery…I don’t think anyone could have convinced me then that I would be here and like this 5 years later…I am not going to say it was easy getting here but I did it…I do not regret one day on the way I learned so much about myself and the strength i have. So again thank you for being such a remarkable surgeon as i have said before I believe you were given a gift to be one…I also thank you for being there always with words of encouragement , I owe my life to you and it is a debt I don’t think I can ever repay….
Joanne F.

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