Why Would I Need a Revisional Weight Loss Surgery?

man measures her abdomen with a measuring tape Weight loss surgery has many benefits and can do wonders for your self-esteem and health. Removing excess weight can help relieve pressure on the joints, helping you get your mobility back without chronic pain. Weight loss procedures can help thousands of people a year get their lives back on track and feel great again. While the surgery can be helpful and life-saving in some cases, some people may need additional surgery to get closer to the results they’re looking for. If you’ve had a weight loss procedure, but things haven’t gone as planned, here are a few reasons why revisional weight loss surgery may be something to consider.

Regaining Weight Or Inadequate Weight Loss

Even after weight loss surgery, keeping weight gain at bay can be challenging. Those who have regained the weight they’ve lost after their procedure may be candidates to have a revisional surgery. While it can be disheartening to stall toward your progress, it can help to find the cause behind the weight gain. As you continue your journey, you may battle stressful situations, trigger unhealthy eating patterns, and compound weight gain. 

If you’ve noticed that your weight has been on the uptick after your procedure, scheduling an appointment with your doctor can help you identify areas of concern that may help your long-term outlook.

Another factor that can make revisional weight loss surgery necessary is if your weight loss progress slows down. Slow weight gain is a telltale sign that something isn’t as it should be in your weight loss journey. It could indicate that your body needs time to adjust to your reduced appetite or could be a sign of a deeper issue. If your weight loss plateaus, ensure that you speak with a professional.

Lap Band Intolerance

Also, revisional weight loss surgery can be necessary for rare cases when a lap band intolerance. While lap band intolerance may not sound threatening, it can cause several uncomfortable symptoms. If your body struggles to tolerate a lap band, revisional surgery may be able to help the issue.

How We Can Help

If your weight loss journey hasn’t yielded the desired results, it’s important not to give up. Dr. Jacob has remained one of New York City’s top doctors for the past ten years and remains dedicated to helping you achieve wellness. 

To find out if revisional weight loss surgery may be what you need, call our office to schedule a consultation at 212-879-8677.

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