Managing Weight During The Holiday Season

Happy young woman having eating christmas cookies in kitchen Many people look forward to everything that the holiday season brings. Visiting family members and getting presents is an experience that can be difficult to match. The holiday season can also be the one time of year to enjoy some unique, delicious treats that can be tough to avoid. The holidays can present a significant hurdle for weight loss surgery candidates. But, with the right plan, you can make it through the holidays without impacting your waistline too much. Here are a few strategies to help you prepare for your procedure.

Opt For Modified Alternatives to Your Favorite Goodies

You’ve worked hard to get to the optimal size for a weight loss procedure, but undoing all this hard work can be easy if you revert to old habits. The holidays provide many sugary foods that will get you in trouble. It is tempting to indulge in holiday favorites, but sticking to your diet and choosing healthier alternatives for your favorite treats can help. For instance, if you know that having some of your grandmother’s homemade pumpkin pie will set you back, you can opt for an altered version of the dessert. An example is opting for a vegan pumpkin pie that excludes many unhealthy, fattening ingredients that can cause problems.

Keep Moving

Although you may want to snuggle up to a warm fire during the holidays, maintaining your physical activity is essential to staying on the right track. If you’re physically able to do so, ensure you stay active as much as possible during the holiday season because it can be easy to settle in and adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Avoiding this pitfall can help you keep holiday weight at bay and help with your self-esteem.

Surround Yourself With a Strong Support System

 For some people, the holidays can be a brutal reminder of difficult circumstances, causing depression and leading to a downward spiral that may include over-indulgence in food. But surrounding yourself with a robust support system may provide you with people you can lean on to help you get through rough patches and avoid falling into poor habits. Also, a stable support system can include people who will hold you accountable for your goals and keep you from making mistakes on your weight loss journey.

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