Chronic groin pain can sometimes be from a “hidden” inguinal or femoral hernia

Figuring out how to diagnose the cause of long term (chronic) groin and pelvic pain can be challenging. Sometimes chronic groin pain in women and men are from a really small, “hidden” inguinal hernias.   Understanding how to find a proper exam and a proper work up can expedite finding the proper diagnosis. Journalist Hillary Gulley recently described […]

My surgeon wants to use a robot to do a robotic hernia repair. Is this safe?

First, is your surgeon listening to your history carefully? Hernia repair is a specialty, and where and how your hernia is repaired first may matter most of all. Let’s be clear about something:  before you have any hernia repair, even a robotic hernia repair, you should make sure that you and your surgeon agree on exactly […]

Providing Value to Hernia Repairs

Expert hernia surgeons continuously care about optimizing patient outcomes and learning from patient feedback.  By creating a global collaborative focused on hernia outcome quality improvement, Dr. Brian Jacob has embraced social media in a professional manner to enable surgeons to help their thousands of hernia patients around the globe. The online forum deliberations have become […]

Brian Jacob, MD and IHC Featured on Facebook Stories

Surgical Collaboration, Revolutionized Thank you Facebook Stories and Briana Tabry at Facebook for the amazing story you published about Dr. Brian Jacob and the International Hernia Collaboration Facebook Group.   “What began as a few of us collaborating privately…quickly spread to hundreds of vetted surgeons from over 40 countries providing each other continuous quality improvement one Facebook post and […]

Adductor Longus Sprains and Tears (Athletic Pubalgia)

Hernia and general surgeons will sometimes see these patients who think maybe they have a hernia or a “sports hernia”. In most cases, patients should absolutely avoid surgery as initial therapy and instead should be first referred to a specialist or a rehab program.